Sedation Dentistry

We understand that going to the dentist may be stressful for some of our patients. As many as 30% of adults in north America are afraid of needles. If you’re nervous about your dental visit, let us know! We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your dental treatment, so we are pleased to offer our patients the option of comfortable, safe, and effective sedation dentistry.

Patients who benefit from sedation dentistry have:

  • A fear or anxiety of being at the dentist.

  • A hard time sitting still for long periods of time.

  • Apprehension about certain dental procedures.

  • There are two forms of conscious sedation that allow a patient to relax and/or become sleepy:


    1) Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas- This type of sedation is most often used for patients who are mildly or moderately anxious or nervous. It eases their fears so that they can relax and receive treatment comfortably and safely. Nitrous oxide is administered by placing a small mask over the patient's nose. As the gas begins to work, the patient becomes calm, but is still awake and can communicate. When the gas is turned off, the effects of sedation wear off almost immediately.

    2) Oral Sedation- Patients who are more anxious may need an oral medication that is stronger than nitrous oxide. With oral sedation, the patient may be sleepy but can be aroused if necessary and can respond to simple commands. Before a visit in which a patient is to receive oral sedation, he/she should receive instructions about eating and drinking, what to expect and what to watch for after treatment. You need assistance to get home after sedation. Patients may need to stay for a short observation after dental treatment has been completed.

    There are several benefits of sedation dentistry, including:

  • eliminates movement during dental procedures, therefore, it may assist a dentist in completing all your dentistry in one visit.

  • Less fear or anxiety during treatment.

  • More comfort during dental procedures.

  • A more relaxing dental experience.

  • Sedation dentistry relaxes the patient and allows those who might avoid a dental visit a safe and anxiety free alternative. If you are hesitant about scheduling your next visit, consider sedation dentistry. Ask us for more information and we will be sure to put your mind at ease.

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